Many Types of Shoes | Which One Are You

Designer_Branded_Women_ShoesWhen it comes to shoes, you really can never have enough, especially if you are a woman. Shoes for women are like candy for a kid. It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for shoes though, especially if you are trying to stay on a budget. That’s why we’ve complied a list of four of the most essential types of shoes that every woman should have tucked away in her closet.


Lucky for us, there are now a huge selection of flat shoes out there for every type of woman. Flats have grown in popularity ever since Audrey Hepburn started wearing them in her movies in the 1950s. Flats are great because they can be paired with nearly every article of item in your closet – from skinny jeans to a skirt – and look amazing. Not only that, flats are far more comfortable than heels to wear for long stretches and because you can now find dressier flats adorned with glitter and sequins, they’re a nice alternative for more dressy occasions. Be sure to add a basic flat in black or brown to your shoe collection.


While they may not be the most comfortable shoes in the world, a ladies closet wouldn’t be completed without these sexy little numbers. The great thing about heels is in addition to making us look taller, they also add length to the leg for a slimming effect that can’t be beat. There are so many styles of heels out there today from skinny-heeled stilettos, to chunkier heels. Have fun shopping for something that makes your eyes light up.


Boots aren’t just for cowboys. Today, one of the most popular looks for fall is a pair of skinny jeans with a knockout pair of boots over the top. From ankle boots all the way up to knee boots, the options are endless when it comes to boots. If you want a little lift, choose a boot with a small heel. Classic colors for boots are black and brown, but these days it’s easy to find boots in every color of the rainbow. You can also find boots lined with fleece, for added warmth and comfort, or boots with an edge that has rivets, chains and other fun additions.


When it comes to shoes for warm weather wear, less is more. Mix the comfort of flats with unique style by choosing a Grecian inspired sandal that wraps around the ankle. It’s a perfect choice to pair with a long summer dress. Today’s ladies sandals are all about the bling. Sandals are adorned with everything from jewels, to flowers, to feathers. Find what strikes your fancy and wear it until the sun comes up. Nothing is more freeing than traipsing around town in your favorite pair of sandals.

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